Livestreams at Croft Funeral Home

Livestream is a service provided by One Room to transmit the funeral service to families unable to attend the funeral. It is connected through our website allowing access to those wishing to connect. Please see below the person’s name, date and time of the service and click on the “watch now” tab to gain access. This link will remain available for 60 days. The family retain the rights for the download of the service. See further information here.

Livestreaming broadcasts the funeral service via the internet. The livestream service is available by clicking the links above. You can view the livestream through any device with a broadband connection. Please invite your family and friends to view the service on this page. The livestream broadcast will begin around ten minutes before the start of the service. The service can be viewed live, or after the event, for up to 90 days. There is no charge to view the service.

We offer livestreaming from our onsite chapel and can arrange this at other offsite venues. Please discuss this option with your funeral director. Families can receive a copy of the live-streamed service, Please advise your funeral director, if required.