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Funeral Burials

Navigating burial arrangements involves multiple facets, including securing a burial plot, addressing interment fees for grave preparation and upkeep, and often investing in a commemorative monument such as a headstone. The ceremonial unveiling of the headstone holds profound significance for many individuals throughout their mourning journey.

In New Zealand, burial options are predominantly regulated by legal statutes, confining choices to official cemeteries or designated Māori burial grounds, with potential exceptions outlined by funeral directors. Typically, the availability of double-depth plots facilitates future interments, albeit subject to an additional opening fee determined by local councils.

For countless family members, the presence of a designated gravesite offers a source of comfort and connection, serving as a tangible locus for remembrance. Whether engaging in reflection, emotional release, conversation, or tending to the grave, these visits provide invaluable opportunities for honoring the departed and fostering a sense of continuity in their memory.

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Burial at Sea

The option for burial at sea in New Zealand is limited to specific designated sites along the coastline.

This unique form of interment necessitates a specialised type of casket and typically involves burial from either a boat or a helicopter. For further details and arrangements regarding this process, individuals can seek guidance and assistance from their Funeral Director. Contact robert@croftfunerals.co.nz or call 04 569 7072.

Wellington Funeral Venues

We offer a number of options for funeral services across the Wellington region.

Along with our Lower Hutt chapel, we have contacts with churches and public facilities in Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and across the wider Wellington region. Find out more about our funeral services and venues.

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