Pre-paid and pre-planned funerals

More people these days are planning their own funerals and pre-paying them to lessen the burdens for their family when such a difficult time arises.

The FDANZ Funeral Trust has been specifically designed to allow you to plan and make payments for your funeral. This is administered by an independent trust. Please contact us for further information or to discuss any questions you may have.

Pre-planned funerals

Prearrangement is simply a funeral planned in advance

Croft Funeral Home has a document available to download so your arrangements are on record and we offer consultation with family, to consider the different options.

Many people choose to complete a Prearrangement document and attach it to their Will, lessening the burden on family and friends at the time of death. A ‘Certificate of Participation’ is provided once prearrangement is confirmed and your wishes are held on our database. A copy is also available for family members and solicitors to ensure all parties understand your wishes.

Downloads available (click to view and/or print):

Pre-paid funerals

Funerals can be paid in advance, removing any financial concerns the family may have regarding the service

For people entering institutional care, pre-paid funerals up to $10,000 excludes them from asset testing when considering government subsidies.

Croft Funeral Home is pleased to support the FDANZ Funeral Trust, established by the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand. The fund operates under a Trust Deed that sets out the rules and conditions of the plan. Croft Funeral Home has elected not to receive the joining commission of our clients, saving our clients the $100 fee.

The Trustee has appointed Cosignia Limited to manage some aspects of the Plan on their behalf, including administration and benefit payments.  The Trust Account will be maintained with Westpac New Zealand Limited. A ‘Certificate of Participation’ is provided by Consignia Limited. Croft Funeral Home has access to Consignia’s database for our clients and can provide a current balance immediately.

If the Consignia Plan is not to your liking, Croft Funeral Home has access to the Public Trust Funeral Plan as an alternative option.