Payment information

The funeral account is due for payment within three weeks of the invoice been sent out after the funeral has taken place and once we have received the death certificate from The Department of Internal Affairs.

There is a prompt payment discount which families like to take advantage of.

We accept the following forms of payments cash, cheque, internet payment, EFTPOS, Credit Card (bank surcharges fees will apply)

The Work and Income Funeral grant provides some assistance towards the payment of the funeral. We have forms for families to complete to see if they are eligible for this grant.

If the person has died as the result of an accident, we can provide you with the Accident Compensation Corporation funeral grant form.

We can arrange for the account to be sent directly to a solicitor who is handling the estate for the family.

WINZ Funeral Grant

When an adult or child dies, his or her spouse or parent (or executor of the estate) can apply to Work and Income New Zealand for a lump-sum contribution towards funeral costs. You should be aware that this grant is means tested and covers only a portion of the funeral costs.

Do you need to know what financial assistance may be available to you?

Financial assistance may be available to you when someone dies as a result of an accident, work-related disease, infection, medical treatment or suicide. In some circumstances, funeral costs will be covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation.

The Work and Income website offers a very wide range of information on financial support you may be able to receive. Use the links below (or the search function on the website) to quickly find information on the following: