At Croft Funeral Home we simply want to make a difficult time a little less difficult

Our aim is help celebrate a life, while offering comfort to those left behind.

Here is a some brief guidance to assist you, along with some common funeral terms you may not be familiar with:

  • A funeral should take place when it is most convenient for the family. Often family and friends have to travel to reach the venue. Modern embalming techniques negate any need for the service to be rushed. We suggest that a period of time is necessary for the bereaved to recover from the initial shock of death before the funeral is arranged.
  • Embalming is a scientific procedure causing the natural dissolution of the body to pause.
  • Viewing is a personal choice. With sudden or unexpected death, viewing can be a therapeutic experience and an opportunity to say goodbye. Alternatively others elect to remember the deceased as they were in life. 
  • Ministers of Religion or Funeral Celebrants normally officiate at funerals. There is also the option of a close friend or family member taking on the task. 
  • A Funeral Celebrant is usually a person who makes a living conducting funerals and a member of the Clergy will usually consider a funeral as pastoral care. A Funeral Celebrant will charge a fee and Clergy will probably receive a gratuity nominated by the family. 
  • A Coroner is only involved when contacted by police. They confirm the cause of death and the time of death by conducting a Post Mortem. They investigate any circumstances which may have impacted on that death. 
  • Locally, two thirds of all funerals end with a Cremation. At Croft Funeral Home only one Cremation takes place at a time and all the ashes are returned to the family. Memorials are also available for a Cremation.
  • Pall Bearers are not always required. The Croft Centennial Chapel allows for the casket to be carried to the hearse or simply to have the curtains close in front of the casket.
  • Children are very much a part of the funeral process. How they deal with death is a reflection of the grief of adults around them.  
  • Refreshments can be served immediately following the service, and before the final committal, or at the end of the entire event. Croft Funeral Home would advise you on the best schedule for your situation.

You may wish to refer to our 'practical matters' page which contains helpful links to various services, or our 'resources page' which contains useful reference material.

We hope the above information will be of some help to you and we remain available to answer any further questions you may have. Feel free to contact us directly.